The insanely smooth products of Skullsoap, LLC, are from a one woman mission dedicated to creating silky lotions, soaps and bath items that smell great,make you feel good and contain the finest ingredients with the lowest chemical exposure possible. There's only one person that handcrafts and creates all these beautiful items. 


Carefully made, beautifully packaged, our Natural products are perfect for everyday pampering. All natural. No junk. Skullsoap's Natural skincare feels better than store brands.....because it is. More than just soap....suds with attitude.

Each soap is a large bar ranging from approximately 3.5 oz. to 5 oz., 
Only the highest grade of oils, vitamins, minerals, herbs, herbal and plant extracts are used in SKULLSOAP. The principle ingredient is OLIVE OIL with a blend of vegetable, palm, and coconut oils with additional amounts of SHEA BUTTER. These oils carefully blended have resulted in a soap that produces a great lather, creamy texture, and is pH balanced. 

It sinks in like silk, and lasts through handwashing because it actually draws into your skin improving its oil balance. Olive oil, Shea Butter, Illipe Butter and in the Body Butters, Sweet Almond and Jojoba do the job at eliminating dryness.  Stays silky soft, glides on for a beautiful finish.

 SKULLSCRUBS are so effective at moisturizing instantaneously, you hardly need lotion. The different textures of sun dried sea salt will exfoliate dead skin cells while drenching your skin with a blend of 13 premium natural oils like Avocado, Olive, Macadamia Nut, Sesame, Sunflower, Meadowfoam, Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Almond, Safflower, Sesame, Castor oils and more.  Ya cant use it on any cuts or open scratches though, cuz it has salt! 
Directions: The last thing you do before exiting the shower, use a nickel size drop and gently massage your dry, rough areas...rinse the salt off and leave the oil on. Then pat dry. 

FOR ALLERGY SENSITIVE: Skullsoap Natural bar soaps, lotions, body butters, scrubs and all products are 100% handmade. Undetected allergies can cause irritation, if irritation occurs with any of our products, please discontinue use. Please read all ingredients before using. Our products can be used effectively by allergy sensitive or those with eczema or other skin conditions, however, each individual should test and evaluate the effectiveness and subsequently use or discontinue use by their own discretion. We can not guarantee similar results on all users.   All Skullsoap products are 100% natural and handmade, and contain preservative to ensure shelf life. 

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